The Challenge

SWTCH provides electric vehicle (EV) charging management solutions for commercial, residential, and workplace settings.
The app allows users to find, schedule, book and pay for an electric vehicle charger. The SWTCH patented software is universally compatible, integrating with all EV chargers to enable scheduling, payment and enforcement. By streamlining the charging process SWTCH aims to help owners of electric vehicles improve charger accessibility, and promote widespread use of electric vehicles by creating a reliable and sustainable network.

Our challenge was to create an app that allows users to find, schedule, book and pay for an electric vehicle charger near them.

Our Approach

The Swtch App project was a major overhaul that allowed us to flex a great deal of strategic and creative muscle. After a research and discovery process that yielded game-changing recommendations, we communicated the findings with the owner and the came up with the strategic direction for the app. We were able to find a great deal of information about electric vehicle owners and their behaviors through our survey and interview process.

Interview results

  • users found the scheduling feature to be very important since they don’t want to get to the charger and discover it to be already in use. Most of the competitor applications do not offer the option to schedule.
  • it was important for users to he able to get live information about the use of a particular station to see if it is already in use or will be in the near future.
  • plan a trip is an important feature for electric vehicle owners because they need to figure out where the vehicle chargers are especially if going on longer trips
  • users want to users looking for compatibility information on the app to ensure that they can actually charge their vehicle once they get to the station.
  • Compatibility: compatible with all models of fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Users want to know information about the charger or if convertors are available.
    Charger Strength: Users want to know the strength of the charger and how long it will take to charge their vehicle.
    In summary, we wanted to create an app that users can schedule charges and feel secure when renting out personal chargers.

User Persona

We created user personas to better understand our target market. 

Customer Journey Maps

Design Considerations

Based on our research, we decided to focus on three pain points for our users.

  1. Quick and Easy
  • We wanted to ensure that our users are able to find chargers in a quick and easy way. We decided to incorporate a Available Now section that finds nearest available chargers based on the users current time and location.
  • We also included an additional feature “Favourite bookings” to be able to easily access frequently used locations.

2. Charger Scheduling and Live Check in Data

  • To ensure that user can plan ahead, we designed a easy to use scheduling system. It allows users to schedule and check in for a live update to let others know if the charger is in use.

3. Rating System

  • We included the option to approve and have a rating system for a more secure and comfortable experience for someone looking to rent out their charger.

Mood board


We went through a number of reiterations to create the most optimal user experience.

  1. After our user testing, we made our call to action clearer and more intuitive.
  2. We added the Available Now section for easy access to locations available near the user. We also made the Search by Time & Location easier to understand for users looking to find other locations or future scheduling needs. Once the results are filtered, it would only show you available chargers based on the requested time and location that are compatible with your type of vehicle.

    We added the pricing per hour to each location for users so they can easily figure out how much it would cost to schedule a booking.

  3. Based on user testing, we changed the iconography for users to make it more clear. We condensed all the navigation icons into a single bottom footer.

Design Solution

After going through the design process, we were able to come up with the solution that allows users to easily find, schedule and book a charger. Our EV owners who want to rent out their chargers, can easily do so by going through the “My Charger”. The app allows users to message all parties involved.

Future Opportunities

  • Add on boarding to walk users through the sign up process when they first start using the app
  • Show amenities in the area for those looking to do something while their vehicle is charging.
  • Incorporate a plan your trip feature that would suggest EV charging stations on route and book them in advance to save time for longer trips.
  • To ensure data validity, all new EV stations added to the map should be varified. One suggestion is to ask people to make a safety deposit for the dollar amount of a typical charge. The deposit will be refunded the first time someone uses the EV charging station successfully.
  • Create a more refined rating system to help users feel more secure about renting chargers.
  • For those users living in a condo building, a Condo Charger Scheduling section can be designed that is only open to those who live in the condo building. This would be built into the app so the user would just need to enter a code that they get from the building management to gain access to the charger. The scheduling section will still function in the same way.
  • Refine Search/Filter options so the user can fine tune what chargers they are seeing based on their specific needs.
  • Add additional information letting users know what is covered under insurance and where they might consider getting more insurance for home owners.
  • Add customer service bot under messaging users who need help.



Our design team was tasked with improving the existing app. Through our research and user analysis, we designed and simplified the scheduling system. We also added features to allow users to be able to rent out their private chargers in a convenient and secure manner.

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